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Shower Renovation Day 4: Tile

 We've got tile!

We've got tile!

We begin the fourth day of the shower renovation with all the tile finally on hand! After all the hoopla about authorization and indoor delivery, it turned out none of that was necessary (I'm not seething over this anymore, but I definitely WAS). The delivery guy delivered the palette of tile yesterday and the contractors carried all 12 boxes upstairs (we live on the third floor with no elevator).

 End of Day 3, slate floor tile has been laid.

End of Day 3, slate floor tile has been laid.

Days 2 and 3 of the renovation included unsexy things like putting in new studs under the window where the old ones were partially rotted, routing the plumbing, and laying the shower pan.

Last night they finally laid the floor tile of the shower. It's a 4x4 slate tile that matches the 12x12 slate tile that is already in the rest of the room. It's the floor that came with the condo, and I gotta say, I probably would have never chosen it myself, but now that we're here, I think matching it in the shower will look really nice.

It's interesting to think about working with things that you didn't choose, like the slate in this case. In a way it's like collaborating with other designers β€” even though I never met them and just inherited their decisions. But you are forced to go in directions you wouldn't have thought to take, and the result can be stunning and refreshing. 

I never would have thought slate tile was something I'd want in my home β€” so dark. But I actually really like it. The walls for the shower will be white tile which should balance out the dark. I think the slate actually gives the bathroom an earthy feel, which is a nice foundation for the more modern aesthetic I tend towards in my home. So often bathrooms can read very sterile, especially ones with a lot of white. The white tile I've chosen for the walls has a sort of undulating surface as well, which will echo the organic cleaved texture of the slate.

The only downside of the natural slate is the thicknesses of each tile are kind of all over the map, so it's possible there will be dips between tiles that may harbor small water puddles after a shower. Oh well, I guess. Not getting new tile now. No sir.

 Here's an in-progress shot at the end of day 2.

Here's an in-progress shot at the end of day 2.

The shower pan we had installed is a solid piece though, so I'm told it will never leak, like not ever. That's good news for someone on the third floor of a condo building! After finding the water damage behind the wall, I will take all the reassurance they'll give me that this baby won't leak.

With walls and plumbing in place, I'm excited to see how the tile starts to transform the space. After we get the threshold installed on the curb, we'll have a glass person come on site to measure for the glass screen that will go from the curb to the ceiling on the right half of the enclosure. I wanted a frosted panel but it was like, twice as expensive as regular tempered glass. So we'll go with clear for now but maybe later if we want to we can try out some of those frosted films.

And on Monday, we're contracting with an insulation company to come do spray foam all up in the bulkhead space above the bathroom. They'll hopefully seal up all the exterior walls so we don't have to worry about any more bird friends making nests above the shower. While this is the least visible component of the project, it's arguably the one I'm happiest about. I cannot explain how excited I am to have a properly insulated and sealed house!!!

I know a shower renovation isn't probably what y'all are on a style blog for, but it's a pretty big deal for me. I'm really invested in interior design as well as personal style and this project is a big milestone for me. It should be done soon, so sit tight!

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